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Conscious Youth

As the energies and consciousness of our planet are shifting and changing, we are also seeing an increase in highly perceptive and intuitive youth. Children and teens are naturally more in tune with their souls and with spirit because they remember who they really are and where they came from. But sometimes when the world does not reflect their experience, they misunderstand, disbelieve and fear the very connections that are meant to assist them on their path.

It’s important to nurture these spirit connections with positive and uplifting information, and a strong connection with others who both believe and share in their stories. Conscious Youth is exclusively for kids aged 9 to 18 who are highly intuitive, psychic, empathic, telepathic, spiritually gifted, or interested in these topics. The goal is to provide a forum for sharing experiences in a safe, fun, and friendly environment, as well as a foundation for learning how to develop and grow their energetic, spiritual, and intuitive gifts, and to live a happier, healthier life.

The group is run and taught from a spiritually organic point of view and not a class where attendees are told what to do. We encourage the participants to share ideas and drive the discussion topics, with guidance and support from our adult facilitators. Online remote meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. An open discussion, “Ask and Share”, will be the format of the first week. Participants will determine the direction of the conversation based on their interests and needs. The third Wednesday will feature a speaker/teacher, who will share their spiritual expertise on a specific topic. Topics will include raising one’s consciousness, energy healing, chakra balancing, light language, telepathy, aura reading, crystals, communicating with other being and animals, ET contact and visitations, channeling/mediumship, meditation, and more. Those meetings consist of a mini-lecture/presentation, interactive demonstrations, and will often include an energetic transmission/activation or meditation.

The group is led by moderator Kaylaa Kayce, a multidimensional teacher and consultant, who works within the Flower of Life organization. Children attending the remote meeting must have a signed parental consent form which will be sent via email. If your child is interested in attending, please email their name and age to https://seedoflifeschool.com/consciousyouth. When the signed permission form is returned to us, a link will be sent to join the meeting. Once we have parental consent on file, a link will be sent automatically within 24 hours of the next meetings, or until we hear otherwise from you. We ask you to keep in mind that the remote meeting is for children to participate with one another, and not a forum for parents to share. Parents and adults are most welcome to participate in all other events (www.awakeandempoweredexpo.com).