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Veronica Avelin


Veronica is an intuitive channel, energetic architect, and soul alchemist who works with high frequency galactic collectives such as the 9th Dimensional Pleiadians and the Lyran Council of Nine to bring about energetic shifts within individuals, groups and the human collective. She also works with source energy to bring healing energies to the Earth and humanity. Veronica is a bridge between these high frequency galactic energies and these shifting Earth frequencies. Veronica is also a teacher, both enabling and inspiring others to move more deeply into a more harmonious sense of self and others and to become the creators they always were.

She is both able to shift into multidimensional energies and support integration of these frequencies into the Earth, humanity and those with whom she works. She connects multi dimensionally through portal energy, light language, and channels high frequency wisdom, and healing energies. She also supports the integration of these high frequencies through Sacred Earth Ceremonies, and intuitive coaching sessions. Veronica works with portals to bring in guides, tools, energy, and information available to her through these multidimensional portals to expand those with whom she works into a broader, freer sense of self, enabling them to move beyond blocks and limitations.

Veronica lives with her husband, children, and other community members on their family farm creating sacred spaces and growing high frequency food. She holds channeling events, workshops, retreats, and individual sessions both distantly and in person at the farm. As a child, Veronica spent much time outside enjoying the beauty of the Earth and a deep connection to nature where she discovered her desired to create structure. As a young child she decided she wanted to be an Architect, while the external path changed the internal desire to create structure through sacred tools remained. Now working as an energetic architect Veronica better understands her early childhood desires to become an architect.