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Why You Wake Up at 3 a.m.

Sleep is an essential mechanism of our life.  We spend nearly one third of our adult life in bed, and babies and small children sleep half of each day. When we do not get enough rest we feel stressed out, lose our patience quickly and in the long term, we get physically sick. 

A deep and restful sleep supports overall health. When we are fortunate enough to enjoy deep sleep we are able to recharge our “life energy,” the life force Eastern Medicine describes in Qigong and in meditation practices. Unfortunately, not all of us can rely on a regular sleep pattern. Recent studies have shown that nearly a third of the adult population experiences forms of insomnia and a good percentage use sleep inducing medication on a regular basis. Television commercials for sleep medications are a part of a billion dollar industry. Next to prescribed sleeping pills and over the counter supplements there are entire technologies including pillows, mattresses, mechanical bed constructions which promise relief and a better night sleep. 

The reasons we are up at night are widespread and include many causes:

1. Eating too close to bedtime
2. Choosing fatty meals that are too heavy to digest
3. Abusing alcohol, caffeine and tobacco
4. Unhealthy lifestyle due to work, school, or family situations
5. Mental stress from worrying about money, health and relationships
6. Environmental stress from the home or the land

The Institute of Feng Shui & Geopathology researches and publishes about how energetic influences in the environment affect our wellbeing and health. We are particularly interested in investigating subtle forms of energy in the house, which can be altered to improve the sleeping experience. We believe a good night sleep is strongly impacted by where we sleep including the position of the bed in a room and most importantly, if the room is energetically calm and safe.

A big part of our work is based on European research in the field of Geopathology. “Geo” = the Earth, “pathology” = the study of illness. Geopathic stress (GS) is a term describing naturally occurring earth energies that drain us physically when we are exposed to them. This causes a subtle stress for our body. 

When we are bombarded with GS for long periods of times, for example for 8 hours night after night, it starts to weaken our body and its immune system.  Cells start to lose the ability to communicate properly with each other and their regeneration cycle starts to break down. The body’s defense system finally gets overwhelmed and collapses leaving the body vulnerable and weak. This is the beginning of physical symptomatology.

The early European research on geopathic patterns in the late 1920’s mainly focused on major illnesses such as cancer. The first symptoms documented from exposure to earth stress were a lack of energy and sleep disruption, which often can lead to a chronic condition such as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Symptom). 

Over time these symptoms develop into all forms of insomnia, from difficulty falling asleep to feeling exhausted in the morning. The most prominent symptom is waking up at around 3 a.m. 

In the beginning, it was not clear to researchers why 3 a.m. was such a specific biomarker.  After tracking, the intensity of geopathic patterns over a 24 hour cycle it became obvious that the highest levels of geopathic stress fields appear between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m. During the night the body charges up with geopathic stress and once it hits a threshold the person wakes up. The intensity curve of geopathic stress within nature looks like a large sine wave with the maximum in the early morning and the minimum in the early afternoon. This creates a challenge for dowsers who are not fully aware of this rhythm. When a sleeping place is tested during the day the challenge appears less problematic versus at night when geopathic stress spikes. 

If sleeping problems occur regularly, we highly recommend checking the following: 

1. Watch your pets. Cats are the only large animals which are naturally attracted to geopathic stress. Notice where they sleep. Dogs on the other hand avoid GS at all cost.
2. Ants and other insects love geopathic energies, as well. If the house has a history of carpenter ants, wasps or bees this would indicate a large geopathic zone within the house.
3. Observe nature around the house. Trees and bushes that grow poorly or deformed in shape are most likely planted above GS.
4. Hire a dowser who is knowledgeable about GS, especially underground water and major earth grid structures.

A typical situation showing GS affecting one side of the master bed.  The easy solution would be to move the bed 2 ft to the left out of the geopathic stress zone.

A typical situation showing GS affecting one side of the master bed.

The easy solution would be to move the bed 2 ft to the left out of the geopathic stress zone.

A secondary contributor to energetic stress are the electronics we keep in the bedroom. The scientific community still struggles with acceptance of energy fields and EMR (electromagnetic radiation). However, a line of explanation for sleep issues around strong geopathic or electromagnetic fields is the disturbance of the melatonin production in the pineal gland, a small pea sized gland in the center of our brain. Melatonin is a natural occurring hormone which is only produced at night and only in a dark environment. Keeping your bedroom cool and using thick curtains support a more restful environment.

Recommendations for EMR reduction in bedrooms:

1. Keep TVs, computers and other electronics out of the bedroom, especially children's rooms.
2. Unplug the TV or computer at night as turning them off does not disrupt the electromagnetic field. Sensitive people may even want to turn off the wireless router at night.
3. Notice what’s on the night stand. Move your phone more than an arm length away from the bed.

The draining influence of energetic fields is well acknowledged by holistic doctors. When we sleep our body relaxes from the daily activities and recharges. The sympathetic nervous system, our fight and flight response to stress and danger, gets to rest.  Feng Shui advises to seek a strong wall behind the bed to support a safe energetic resting position.  As the sympathetic system slows down, the parasympathetic system engages. This is our self healing mechanism.

The two physical processes that geopathic stress disrupts are: the melatonin production and the automatic healing mechanism.

Final tips for recognizing geopathic stress in the bedroom:

1. Watch your daily routine.  Did your sleep pattern change when you moved into this house? Do you sleep better when you visit family, friends or stay in a hotel?
2. Change your sleeping location in your house. Sleep in a guestroom or on the couch in the living room and observe your sleeping patterns. It takes a few days to release the charge on the body and to see a difference.
3. If you suspect a possible geopathic stress area in the bedroom, move the bed or position it on another wall. Observe your sleeping patterns for a few days.
4. Watch the video about “Bodydowsing” to learn how to use your body as a dowsing device and determine which areas of your house are safe and balanced.

Waking up around 3 a.m. is a common symptom of earth related stress in the bedroom. It should alert us that the body is not able to recharge properly. If not addressed by changing the bed position or implementing specific energetic shielding measures in the house, it will likely intensify over time leading to chronic low energy and a possible variety of health challenges. 

It is best to address the cause of sleep disruption as soon as possible and change the way you sleep as part of the solution.

Why You Should Sleep Next to Your Dog, Not Your Cat

How Animals Respond to Subtle Energies

The age old discussion about dogs versus cats has recently been expanded to the field of environmental influences. The research is in! Dogs and cats respond very differently to earth-related stress, a subtle form of energy in the environment which only animals can sense.

Environmental stress is caused by naturally occurring irregularities and patterns in the earth.

When people are exposed to environmental or geopathic stress (from: geo = the Earth, and pathologic = caused by disease) their physical energy is drained, and their cellular communication is reduced, which leaves them overly tired and exhausted. The body does not function as effortless as it should. If our Chi, our life force, is not recharging properly and regularly, the body needs to dip into its energy reserves, which over time will deplete. Geopathic stress prevents the natural process of recharging and self-healing, which occurs only at night during restful, uninterrupted sleep.

Environmental stress cannot be detected with our five senses, as our sensatory abilities are limited. Animals, on the other hand, are more connected to nature and are focused on survival instincts; they are still able to sense energetic changes in the environment. Simply by observing their behavior we can recognize and interpret energetic patterns around us.

German research from nearly a century ago shows that chaotic earth frequencies affect animals, nature, and human beings in different ways.

A centuries old tradition in rural Austria tells us that people watch where a flock of sheep would naturally rest and lie down on a property. A place like this would indicate an energetically healthy spot to build a home. Farm animals always seek out strong positive places to lie down at night. 

Nearly all larger animals avoid areas with geopathic stress.

Horses’ behavior is especially fascinating when affected by chaotic earth frequencies. Cribbing, a chronic behavior involving chewing on wood, is often related to environmental stress in a narrow stall. This reactive behavior can be addressed easily and quickly without medical intervention by moving the horse to a stall free of underground earth lines. Dairy cows were found to no longer need veterinary treatment for ongoing infections once they had been moved to a different spot in the stable.

A story on a German talk show in the 1980s covered a pig farmer who had ordered a boar for his breeding program. A week or two after receiving the male pig, the farmer called back the breeder to complain about the “unsatisfying performance” and the passivity of the animal. The breeder then sent him a replacement boar which, unfortunately, showed the same behavior. The case was finally solved by a traveling farm seed agent who came across the story and knew how to dowse. (Dowsing is the ancient art of tracking energy patterns in the earth.  Dowsers are trained to use branches of trees and other tools to determine if water, minerals or other objects can be found beneath a surface). The man investigated the stable and found a strong zone of geopathic stress below the entire stall of the boar. Just by changing the location, the problem was solved.

While most larger animals are affected negatively by geopathic stress the same way humans are, insects are attracted to these earth patterns.

Ant hills in nature are always on crossings of underground water streams or earth fault lines. Ants and many other small insects help to clean up nature and process organisms in their decomposing efforts. Of course, one might attract ants with food, as well, but they will likely spread out along geopathic pathways and build their nest over a maximum of detrimental energy.

Termites and carpenter ants will do the same thing. There was a case of a celebrity in Florida who tore down a 12 million dollar beach front mansion because of a termite infestation that got out of control. Subsequently, a new even bigger mansion was built in the same location, but without addressing these malignant earth lines. It will just be a matter of time before ants and termites will return.

Have you ever had a wasp nest on your house or in your garden?

Wild bees, wasps, even lady bugs are attracted to the same grids and fault lines. In fact, cultivated bees make 30% more honey when their hive is positioned above geopathic stress. In Europe, many bee keepers know how to dowse for exactly this reason and intentionally place their beehives in these areas. It is interesting that there is a theory that pure organic honey contains many beneficial properties, some of them assisting people who are fighting cancer. Cancer has been researched for over a century to be clearly correlated with exposure to negative geopathic stress. This reminds us of the similarity principle in homeopathy that states “Similia similibus curentur” (“let like be cured by like“), implying that substances causing illness can be used as medicine to treat health challenges one has encountered in the first place.

Finally, our most beloved pets, cats and dogs, show typical behavior which can help us understand energy patterns in our home.

Anyone who has encountered a cat knows how different they are from all other creatures. This is particularly true in their response to earth grids! Opposite to all other animals, cats are attracted to harmful earth energies, but are obviously not affected negatively. This is a well established fact among dowsers. By marking and connecting the favorite sleeping spots of a cat on a floor plan, one can often  discern the main earth grid patterns in a house.  While dogs emphatically avoid geopathic stress, cats show us which place to be suspicious  of and put some further investigation into it to make sure our bedroom is safe.

Ernst Hartmann, MD, one of the early researchers on cancer and harmful earth energy grids in Germany in the 1960’s, reveals a funny story about dogs in his book “Krankheit als Standortproblem” (“Illness as a problem of the location”).

One of his patients owned a German shepherd, a very obedient race of dogs. He wanted his dog to sleep in a specific spot next to his bed and therefore ordered his dog to lie down there every night before he went to sleep himself. In the morning however, he always found the dog in the opposite corner of the room. Annoyed by the disobedience of his dog, the man decided to find out exactly what was going on. He commanded the dog to lie down next to his bed as usual, and then just pretended to fall asleep himself. The dog was fully awake listening to his master’s breathing patterns. Once the dog thought the man was asleep, he got up quietly and moved to the other side of the room again. At the next routine visit to his doctor, the man complained about his “badly trained” animal.

Dr. Hartmann explained to him that dogs tend to naturally avoid negative geopathic earth grids because they would make them sick. Following his dog’s guidance the man later changed the bed position in the room. At the next visit he not only reported sleeping better himself, but also having no further behavior issues with his dog.


Here are some final tips to improve your personal energy and health by creating a more restful environment:

Observe your pets! Avoid the favorite places of your cat, enjoy those where your dog likes to lie down. Also, if you have ants or other insect manifestations in a specific area of your house, be aware that spraying toxins is not a long term solution. If your bed is on the same side of the house above these spots, move the bed away to another wall or even consider changing the bedroom to another part of the house. Before building a new home, investigate the land for hidden ant hills and dead or crippled trees. Move the foundation to an area which is free from these signs.


The Institute of Geopathology provides research about geopathic stress and methods to determine and avoid these areas, along with information on health related issues connected to its exposure.

What If Healing Were More Than You Thought?

What if healing were more than you thought? What if healing were far more than you thought? More evolutionary than previously recognized as being possible? What if it is the key to your transformation from local to non-local conscious beings? What if it is the key to your life progress? True healing gives us all the gifts of known energy healing techniques, both old and new, and all without any complicated techniques, elaborate rituals, or fear-based protections.

One proven healing technique is called Reconnective Healing. It is a comprehensive approach to overall life progress. It gives us access to heal not only mental, physical, emotional and spiritual problems, but it brings balance, clarity, awareness, stamina, stability, youthfulness to our live as well – in how we feel, how we move, even how we look – as well as evolutionary change in career direction, personal relationships and libido. In essence, this life progress includes stepping into a greater human potential.

In modern times, we take quantum leaps every day – leaps that are so natural, we don’t even consider them as quantum. And yet, they are. Simple changes in our awareness, in what we accept as possible, in what we accept as truth, are quantum jumps compared to where we were just 50 or even 25 years ago. Even our language is changing. The word quantum is today being replaced with a new word, qualia, a term which, according to Deepak Chopra, means quality of life. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics are being referred to as qualia physics and qualia mechanics, because we are moving from what we saw as something existing solely in the field of subatomic particles to something that plays a big role in the quality and perception of our lives.

Today we are being challenged to question our beliefs and access a greater understanding of who we are and how we function.

For example, we are being asked to continue doing what we’ve been doing; not to do same thing over and over again, but to continue it on, to continue it further, to carry it out through its evolution. Just as you continue a dot into a line, a line into a wave, a wave into a continuum, we no longer need to live within the limitations of our energy healing techniques. We can expand beyond energy into new aspects of light and information, and we discover that the confines of life, time and space are not as restrictive as we thought they were.

Our understanding of who we are and how we work continues to change. For example, not too long ago, we assumed that our bodies’ healings occurred through biological chemicals – the biochemical model, as it was often referred to. Today we understand that biological chemicals are not the only factor: our bodies heal through light as well.

The DNA in each of our cells emits light. According to renowned biophysics researcher Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and his study on biophotons, as well as those continuing his work, when our light levels diminish, it often correlates to a diminishing level of health. On the other hand, when our health is at an optimal level, our light emissions appear to be at a more optimal level as well. The light model explains many things that the biochemical model can’t, in large part because biological chemicals take time to generate and travel to different areas of the body, while light waves exist everywhere simultaneously.

Multiple research studies have shown that Reconnective Healing restructures– or, as I like to say, reconnects – the DNA. It not only increases our DNA’s light emissions, yet it also raises the quality of our light emissions, allowing them to be more coherent and harmonic, bringing greater coherence and harmony to our health.

Another quantum leap we’ve made today is understanding that our brains don’t work the way we thought they did. We used to believe our brains were limited by departments: one part of the brain is only for language, one is for discernment, one for speech, one for memory, and so forth. Today, thanks to the work of such researchers as Drs. Karl Lashley and Karl Pribram, we know that this model is also obsolete. We know that these functions are not sitting around in solely localized areas of the brain. We know that information is diffuse throughout our brains… and that it’s not just in the brain itself. There exists a field of information referred to today by science as Zero Point Field, and our brains are transducers that allow us to access and understand this field. Compare, for a moment, your brain to a computer. What’s a computer? Little more than a metal box. By itself, a computer does pretty much nothing until you install a software program. Then you get information out of the computer, and you access information from that Internet field… out there, somewhere. Upgrade the software, and you can access more information from within the computer and more information from that Internet field… out there, somewhere. What if our brains are our hardware, and our DNA is our software? Then interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies is the equivalent of a human software upgrade. It allows us to access more of the information that’s within our brains and more of the information from that multidimensional Zero Point Field. And since we go where our attention goes, as we become more multidimensionally aware, we become more multidimensional and timeless beings, who live longer lives with greater vitality.

Reconnective Healing teaches people how to master healing at a new level, to learn self-healing, to enhance connection with the healing frequencies, to perform healing remotely, and help others. To learn more, visit


Do You Put Your Cellphone Next To Your Water Bottle?

A major goal for overall health is continuous, proper hydration. Without it our body feels tired, our brain loses concentration and our skin develops wrinkles. However, it is not just the amount of water one drinks. Even more important is the quality of the water itself.

It is common practice to carry a cellphone and water bottle in the same bag or leave them side by side on a table.

Determine the quality of your drinking water:

First, drinking water should be clean from pollutants. Although bottled water is typically a safe choice, a good water filter on your sink is cheaper and able to provide the same and often better water quality.

The pH of drinking water should be slightly alkaline, similar to our blood which holds a pH of 7.4. Our body easily processes alkaline water and does not have to compensate as it does with acidic liquids. All carbonated drinks including sodas and mineral waters are overly acidic, as are coffee, black tea and alcohol. Be conscious to choose water bottle brands that advertise their alkaline pH on their label.

Finally, water is very susceptible to energetic imprinting. Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has demonstrated how different magnified water crystals look when derived from clean water sources versus from polluted streams. Along with Emoto’s water photos, scientific studies have shown that water also takes on vibrational information from other substances, including chaotic molecular patterns from microwave frequencies.

Microwave frequencies and their effects on water.

It is important to understand the impact of microwave frequencies on water because our bodies are made up of 70% water and within our body, our blood is made up of 90% water!

To find out which effect microwaves have on our body, the Institute of Feng Shui & Geopathology conducted a series of experiments investigating live blood samples under a microscope specific to microwave ovens.

Live-blood microscopy requires just a drop of blood from a finger similar to blood sugar testing. The blood droplet is then placed between two thin sheets of glass and observed under a microscope. This method was developed in Europe more than a century ago and is used to see how the body responds to different foods, supplements and exposure to environmental influences such as strong electromagnetic fields. Changes in overall wellness can be tracked by the consistency and regularity of blood cells. For example, healthy blood shows round, nicely shaped single cells which can be easily pumped through small vessels to provide the brain, heart and the rest of the body with fresh oxygen.

Microwaved water and its impact on our blood.

After water had been heated in a microwave oven, the test person drank one sip of this water. The experiments showed that the formerly regular blood patterns quickly and significantly degraded. Blood cells typically started to stick together in long chains like rolls of coins (‘Rouleau’ formations). This now forces the body to push entire clusters of cells through small vessels instead of single cells, potentially causing an increase to the blood’s pressure and a possible avalanche of long term issues. We also found that more blood cells were irregularly shaped with deformed spikes indicating additional structural cell damage.

Below are 2 pictures of live blood. The picture on the left is taken after drinking filtered water. The picture on the right is after drinking microwaved water.

Your cellphone is a microwave frequency generator.

It’s essential that we understand that the microwave oven and your cellphone operate in the very same frequency range, around 2GHz. In fact, many wireless electronics emit electro-magnetic frequencies in the Gigahertz range (1 GHz=1,000,000,000 cycles per second). The major difference between the microwave and the cellphone is the output level. A microwave oven emits short periods of high power when in use. The cellphone, while emitting a lower power output than the microwave, is in permanent contact with, and sending and receiving signals with cell towers.

Cellphone output is even higher in areas with low reception such as inside large buildings or automobiles. Scientists refer to cars as a ‘faraday cage’ which suppresses reception inside a metal box. In order to still function inside a car, the phone automatically boosts its signal to maximum strength continuously, which then makes it potentially more harmful. This power output can reach concerning levels, especially with children and sensitive people. As a result, the new terms of electro-hypersensitivity and radio-wave sickness, are becoming commonplace among medical professionals.

What you can do:

Whenever cellphones and water bottles are kept in close proximity, the water picks up electro-magnetic frequencies from the phone. Electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) are a man-made high frequency pollution which is mainly caused by wireless technology, especially cellphones. It is important to protect your drinking water from electro-smog.

When a water bottle has been “micro-waved” by a cellphone for 15 minutes or longer, be aware that the benefits from hydration have expired. The water now may even be a health hazard!

Here are 5 tips for healthy drinking water:

1. Choose plain, non carbonated water for best hydration. Water from the faucet is fine if a good quality water filter is installed. This way you avoid costs for bottled water and save the environment from more plastic pollution.

2. The recommended amount of water to drink per day is half your body weight in oz. For example, if you weigh 160 lbs, you should drink about 80oz of water. This is about 2 1/2 quarts. Coffee, sodas or alcohol do not count toward daily intake, instead, take note that these drinks require additional plain water to dilute their acidity.

3. Never microwave water. Avoid the microwave for warming food. It’s especially important to choose alternative methods for warming up liquids for a baby or toddler.

4. A cellphone is NOT a proper play toy or diversion for small children as their bones are still soft and their brains are developing. Keep electronics away from small children.

5. Keep your water bottle at least 1 ft apart from your electronics all the time.

The intensity of the electromagnetic signal is reduced the further away from the source. In practice this means:

a. Carry your phone apart of your body (not in a pocket or a bra).

b. Use the speakerphone whenever you can.

c. Switch to bluetooth in the car.

d. Keep your phone away from your pillow at night; best turn it off while you sleep. If you use the phone as an alarm clock, place it at least 3 ft away from the bed.

There is the potential that Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) will be one of the greatest environmental health challenges for the coming generations. Keep your electronics at distance whenever you can, and stay safe with drinking good quality water, free of electromagnetic pollution.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

Reishi: The Mushroom of Spiritual Immortality

Reishi is a highly revered mushroom throughout Chinese history. Its name, Ling Zhi, literally means “spiritual mushroom,” but its more commonly used name is the Japanese name - reishi. Reishi and other tree fungals are in a special class called Polypores, named for their smooth porous under-sides, which distinguishes them from gilled mushrooms that grow on the ground. Its latin name Ganoderma lucidum simply means “shiny mushroom.” 

Reishi has been used in China as a benevolent ally for spiritual perception. It was first documented in Shennong’s Pharmacopoeia, one of the world's earliest pharmacopoeia possibly written as long ago as 4975 B.P. (before present). It described reishi “the herb of spiritual benevolence.”

Reishi Represented in Art

Reishi has been depicted in many ancient paintings. In one scroll painting, reishi is pictured in the middle on top of a rock escarpment, representing “a bridge between Earth and Heaven.” 

In the lower portions of this artwork, many mendicants of Taoist ideology seek enlightenment, study, converse and make tea. They live in nature at bottom left, and in civilization on the right. They are guided by Quan Yin(bodhisattva of compassion) and Lao Tzu (philosopher and the Father of Taoism), who teach the true road to the Tao. A reishi mushroom grows out of the rock in the center, representing the bridge to higher realms, where masters enjoy a pleasant life in temples and government institutions, and also fly on dragons as celestial immortals - “Tien Hsien.”   


Reishi’s Health Effects

Reishi is said to initiate benevolent cycles of health of the person who drinks the tea. It is not mind altering, but does have beneficial effects on consciousness, bringing clarity and activating connection with one’s higher destiny and potential. Reishi can show us the way to our abundance. When we have reishi in our lives, along with pure foods, healthy lifestyle, a clean inner body and a spiritual discipline, enlightenment can be accelerated. 

It could be a great blessing when reishi comes into your life, a sign that you are opening to abundance in your life, and that you may be able to help others. Reishi mushroom is truly a cosmic messenger to help us manifest higher energy, protect us from the lower frequencies of discord, and rapidly relieve karma of past negative acts.

Reishi was considered superstitious by the Communist Party, who removed it from the Chinese Materia Medica. Efforts are being made to restore reishi in the category of spirit (Shen) herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Reishi is well known throughout Asia as an immune strengthening and modulating herb, which balances immune response. It contains a special class of polysaccharides called Beta 1-3-6 glucans, which support empowerment of white blood cells. It is a liver tonic and anti-stress agent, which benefits the adrenals.


Where to Find Reishi

Reishi grows all over the world, usually found on dead wood in deciduous forests across the Eastern and Northwestern U.S., and you can also cultivate it yourself in Oak or Hemlock logs. Mycelinated plugs of reishi are available from Fungi Perfecti Company and other sources. Drill ¼” holes in the logs and hammer in the plugs. Bury them just underground and cover with a tented tarp and mist regularly. Reishi caps may begin to appear after the mushroom has sufficiently mycelienated into the wood.

Reishi can be purchased in capsule form or bulk powder. It is easy to make delicious tasting beverages with reishi. A relatively bitter mushroom with a coffee-like taste, it can be included in various drinks, such as smoothies and lattes. Reishi can be added to deserts, muffins or cakes, or in granola and hot cereals. Extracts of the fruiting body are the highest quality. Some products include the mycelium and spores.

Reishi is not a stimulant and is considered free of side effects. It is considered beneficial for people of all ages, including children, and even pets.


Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

Breatharian Life

Using Prana to Nourish Your Body and Mind

Breatharian Akahi Ricardo firmly believes that humanity is moving in a positive direction of change towards a world where everyone is naturally happy, in a healthy state of body and mind, and able to access their spiritual gifts and healing abilities. To achieve that, each one of us has to do just one thing – learn to access energy and nourishment from correctly breathing air, also known as breatharianism. Breatharianism, also called living on light, is a way to live and thrive without the need for food and water, but only air and light. Its roots can be tracked back to ancient texts of Hinduism, Ayurvedic medicine, and Shamanism. People with high states of consciousness, such as Yogi Prahlad Jani, are able to completely eliminate food and water. But as Akahi explains in an interview for AAE TV, it is not about never eating again. Breatharianism, as he teaches it, is about showing the body the way to use breathing as a way to nourish, and gaining freedom to only eat food when and how much one chooses to without relying on it or experiencing hunger again.

Akahi’s Story: Finding a Higher State of Consciousness though Breathing

In the early 2000s Akahi left his home country of Ecuador to travel South America without money, instead relying on meeting strangers, exchanging services, and learning from those he met along the way. The beginning of his spiritual journey was encountering Shamanic practitioners and learning about the energy of Pachamama (the Earth). Soon he discovered the shamanic Sweat Lodge Ceremony, a sweating ritual that cleanses the body, mind, and soul. The ceremony connected him with the Earth’s energy, and he said that he was feeling so amazing, that he decided to continue traveling, now with the mission of sharing the Sweat Lodge with others. It was then that he met with people who were going through an initiation process to be able to live on light. The process he was shown lasted 21 days, and included 7 days of not drinking liquids and not eating (dry fasting), and 14 days of drinking juices. After hearing the amazing results others had, and taking 6 month to prepare his body by juicing, Akahi decided to go through the initiation himself in 2008. What happened after, changed his whole life: he became healthier, more energetic, calmer, happier, and more spiritual. “I felt very connected with my inner power, like a reconnection with power that was somehow covered, and by not eating…I was able to perceive it again,” Akahi said. Akahi says that once the body learns the process of acquiring energy from air, it never forgets again. He has experimented a couple of times with dry fasting (7 days the longest), drinking just water, and eating normally in order to compare how his body feels and to choose what is optimal for his body. Today he mostly drinks juice.

Advice on How to Become a Breatharian

“Every human is a breatharian to a degree because we are all breathing. But when we use our breatharian technology [our body], we can access higher states of consciousness – that is what I call a pranic state. The state of being in oneness with the prana, the energy source,” Akahi said. In today’s society, most people rely on food not only for nourishment, but for satisfying our emotions and attachments. Overeating, binge eating, and eating junk food, all root from feeling like there is a piece missing in us. Food gives us brief moments of happiness but they are fleeting and unsustainable. What can satisfy all our feelings of lack is spiritual energy, which is accessed by breatharianism. It reconnects the person with their inner self and the Source, leaving them feeling powerful, worthy, and in a natural state of joy and well-being. “For the goodness of all humanity…we can still eat, but not at a degree that we are doing, not at a degree in which we are depleting or damaging the planet,” Akahi said. Instead of just writing off food forever, Akahi recommends using breatharian technique to find balance. Most people who have gone through his 8-day program eat 80% less than they used to. They eat for their own enjoyment.

Scientific Evidence for Breatharianism

Both Akahi and his wife Camila have been living a breatharian lifestyle for years (Camila continued it while pregnant), and they have always felt great, but Akahi wanted to see if it was scientifically evident that they were healthy. Both of them have done blood tests, and the doctors were amazed how healthy their blood was. Camila was the only woman in the pregnant women group who did not have anemia. Then Akahi came across a practitioner who had the technology to perform GDV Kirlian-Energy Field Measurements, created by Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov. This device measures how much energy the person has based on the electrical response that comes from the body. Akahi’s energy level measured higher than that of an athlete. Akahi then had the test performed on other light program participants, and the results were astonishing – everyone’s energy was higher without eating. They were rejuvenated; they were glowing. Video of the test performed can be viewed at

Health Benefits of Breatharianism

Similar to fasting, breatharian technique, when performed correctly helps the body get rid of toxicity, both physical and emotional, and by doing that, the body’s natural ways to self-healing open up. While it is not Akahi’s intention to heal but only to share the technique, he said he has witnessed some miraculous healing happening in people. The most change he has heard about from his participants’ is restoring the gut to a healthy state, and even helping intestinal cancer vanish. The second biggest positive change witnessed is people’s mental state. The breatharian technique makes people calmer, removes feelings of stress, and even helps those who have suicidal thoughts find emotional peace. All it takes is 8 days of meditation, breathing and fasting to open up inner healing and inner power.

Akahi’s 8-day Program

While Akahi himself first had gone through the original 21-day program, he said that it originated in the 1990s when humanity’s level of consciousness was different; therefore the program was most appropriate at that time. It did not include breathing or meditation, which is the most important aspect in his opinion. His 8-day program constitutes 5 days of drinking juices and 3 days of either dry fasting, which is optional, or 3 days of drinking only water. All 8 days are highly focused on conscious breathing. Further information about the program is available at “Humanity is reconnecting with its spiritual energy. Every day more and more people are diving deeper in themselves…and as we dive within ourselves… we will encounter our inner power. When that happens the harmony in our being will take place. And when the harmony in one member of the family occurs, the whole family has a ripple effect. And when a family has changed, other families will change, and the society will switch to a state in which humanity will be running on prana, but they also can choose other fuels like food to use whenever they feel, but the primary nourishment will be prana – the Source,” Akahi said.

Watch full interview with Akahi at the Awake and Empowered TV:



Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

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