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Manifesting Happiness in a Collective Reality

Can we manifest happiness in a collective reality that is not equal to what we desire? The following is a writing channeled by Micheila Sheldan through the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. The Pleiadians give us some grounded advice on how to maintain our frequency during turbulent planetary shifts.


Reality is your playground. Yet you choose to define reality as something that is not serving you. When you are faced with an opportunity to choose your soul’s expression, you often put reality in the way. You believe that reality is stagnant. There are rules. And if those rules are broken, you or someone you love will suffer. But we ask you this: Are you not suffering already because of these rules? And if it is true that you are Source energy born into a unique perspective to experience itself, wouldn’t your reality also reflect this Source energy? Yet it does not. The reason it does not has less to do with its concrete place in your awareness. Reality is a manifestation. Manifestations are energies that hold unique patterns developed through time resulting in a magnetic vibration. So if these manifestations are energy and you are also that energy, how could your reality possibly be stagnant or concrete? This realization ignites a transition from being within a human experience to becoming a human experiencer.

Human experience is something you are born into. A human experiencer is using his unique perspective and energetic focus to create. And yes, you have been focused into a singular perspective. This is the only reason you see the devastation on your planet you experience as reality, or the rules that hold you back from what your perceived freedoms are. Yet, as Source Energy, you have the capacity to change it all from within. You may ask, how is it that I can ignore the reality around me in order to be happy? Isn’t happiness the vibration we must create from?  We would answer this way: Happiness is not the same vibration as love. Happiness is a very pertinent means to raise your vibration. Happiness is not an emotion, it is not a vibration. Happiness is a manifestation. When human beings are experiencing happiness, it is because they are most satisfied with their creative manifestations. Happiness is the sum of all energetic manifestations that equal joy or love. We consider the vibrations of love and joy separate of happiness. Happiness is the culmination of a chronic vibration of joy, love or peace. Yet joy, love and peace are different. Can you experience love in a reality that is opposite of what you desire? Yes. Can you manifest happiness in a collective reality that is opposite of what you desire? It is possible, if you choose to focus your energy very wisely at the soul level, understanding its significant impact on the planet.

In order to fully allow your Source Energy to work for you and for the planet as a creative energy, you must consider your present moment reality as the catalyst for happiness. This leads us into the teaching of gratitude. Many on your planet teach gratitude as the frequency for further manifestation equal to happiness, and we must agree. Gratitude is the daily practice of appreciation for the things in your reality that equal joy, peace or love. But can you find gratitude for the things in your collective reality that are the most difficult? And how do you find this place of gratitude in difficult situations?

Neutrality is a vibration that is equal to Source. Now you may say, how does neutrality equal a chronic manifestation such as happiness?  Neutrality is the sum of all vibrations coming together to balance themselves. In other words, when you are in neutrality, you are honoring the dark and light, the yin and yang, the self and the other.  Neutrality does not resonate in passivity, neglect, or disharmony. Neutrality is seeing all for what it is in this current moment. It is peace with what is, yet desiring expansion beyond. And this is the best vibrational stance for collective healing and manifestation.

Now we will give you a process of sorts. We understand you are currently walking multiple timelines in your reality. This will be the case here on the planet for a long time to come. You recognize a singular reality that is fragmented into identities – work, family, friendships, for example.  You are also a part of a collective reality – your government, society, state, country and planet. You are entangled in all of these separate timelines along with many others. Each one of these timelines has a focus outside of yourself, yet they are not outside of you at all. Your unique perspective is allowing you to view them like a movie. They are your manifestations, magnetics and soul record culminating in physical life. You tend to view yourself differently in each of these timelines don’t you? This is evidence of your unique perspective. What if, for a moment, you considered a collective perspective? What if you were always meant to be a part of the history of the planet, as well as your vibrational creations and record? And what if, in that participation, you are an important component of collective reality? If you were not within those timelines, could they exist with the others that choose to resonate there? Does your knowledge of worldly events for example, mean that you are a part of them as well, even if you were not physically present? How does all of this work?

We recommend you take a good inventory of your distinct timeline energies. The best way in which to do this is by emotional frequency and scale. Which timelines hold the most emotional energy, regardless of whether it is pleasing or displeasing to you? These are the timelines you most match vibrationally in the moment. Now the key is to experience yourself within them in neutrality and love. Remember, this is not ignoring the issues, but acknowledging all components of the experience as they currently are. Take a detailed list of what is light and dark, yin and yang. What we imagine is that you will find one area is out of harmony. You may find one timeline is more light or joyful, and another is more heavy, or bothersome.

Once you have done this, consider the other timelines in your life. The ones you are not most obviously emotionally attached to. Why is it you are not emotionally attached? Take an inventory. Do you see how the light and dark are both present in these timelines, yet perhaps you are vibrating in neutrality? It doesn’t mean you do not care that these timelines are intersecting with you. But you have found a way to become neutral with them to the point that they exist in your world, but do not make a significant difference with your personal vibration. Now you have found exactly how to operate within the collective energy!

As the observer through neutrality, your focus becomes the most prominent and important timelines you are participating in, and for this, there is always a reason. The difficult timelines comes to serve our soul and the exciting, joyful timelines come to do the same. This is where our work is being done. Because when we focus our energy where it is most needed, we accomplish far greater things than we can possibly imagine. Your soul is focused in a collective energy. So the work you do at the soul level has a tremendous effect on the planet and your collective reality.

Now remember those manifestations? They are merely results of a frequency, an energy you have had running in a pattern for a very long time. When they are displeasing to you and you make them a very significant timeline in your emotional body and perception, you grow them. And this is one of the most detrimental activities we see for healing your planet. Tune in and acknowledge them. Understand that you are connected to them. Then place them into neutrality within your energy field. Allow your Source energy to take your soul into its work to heal the planet. You are always Guided exactly where you must focus to find neutrality, and in this place, manifesting happiness is very much possible.


Healing Dimensional Timelines

Using a New Frequency to Achieve Physical Health

The following is an article channeled by Micheila Sheldan through the 8th Dimensional Arcturian Collective. The Arcturians come to support us in the integration of our physical and non-physical energy bodies and our transition to self-healers. They have important information to share about our technology, structure and connection to Earth and Universal timelines. For those who are experiencing a resurgence of physical disease, pain or disharmony, or struggling with an experience in the physical body, the Arcturians provide tools to prepare and align the body for physical healing, accessing non-physical information and integrating our energy fields.


As the Arcturian 8th Dimensional Collective of Beings, we hold a collective intention to serve the human consciousness in regards to your transition and integration between your physical and non-physical energy bodies. We come with wisdom to share about your energetic structure and its alignments, not because we are all knowing, but because we have also undergone transitions in which the physical and non-physical energy bodies were rearranged and transformed. What we know is that when these transitional times come to evolve, they are often met with resistance both from a conscious and subconscious standpoint. And we are here to address both side of this experience to help you find comfort in the next phase of your ascension timeline.

One of our responsibilities is to monitor timeline potentials that we observe through a collective reality. The reason we accept this responsibility is that we know the beautiful expansion that is possible when all beings are ascending together and we recognize that our experience offers many tools we wish to share. We most notice that the vibrational potentials here on your planet are reorganizing into two forms of collective consciousness. Although these collectives vibrate differently and perceive their reality in separate dimensions, the magnetics here and your record are both similarly presented as opportunities in this time to heal your planet. And your physical body, being connected to the being of Mother Gaia, has created material density based on the way in which you perceived your reality, as well as the process by which you connected with what you have created through time, space and emotional imprints. This being said, we know the path ahead of you does not seem easy. Yet what we know is that it is far easier than you perceive and we wish to tell you why.

You are existing in a new timeline in this very moment. What that means is that all of you have raised your dimension to the degree that multi-dimensional information can now be integrated and filtered through your singular experience for the purpose of healing. This has always been the case here on the earth plane, but you were existing as vibrational beings within a field of oneness that you have been unaware how to operate within. And because of this, you have created things in a material density (such as your physical bodies) in ways that were not pleasing to you. You have a platform by and through which you create. That platform is expansion. Quite literally, this means that you are using experience through time (history) as the basis for expansion and creation into new forms of reality. And although this sounds beneficial, which it most certainly is, if misunderstood, it can keep you creating something from the past that you do not wish to experience.

There are collective forms of consciousness and singular energetic experiences that are used as the basis for creation and expansion. The availability of this information is based on your DNA activation, vibrational speed or rate of ascension. So those of you who have been most ‘ascended’, may have actually been going through some of the most difficult times on your planet. The reason for this is that you came with the propensity to bring experience (history) through you as an evolved being for the re-entrainment of its energy. And as you did this, you had the opportunity to heal many things. We understand that this has not come easy and the results have often been replaying of history in ways that you did not like with much of this resulting in the creation of physical body material and experience that was detrimental to your path.

The new timeline that you have stepped onto this past November opens a new portal of awareness for multi-dimensional timeline integration. First, this means that you are no longer bound by the density you arrived in for expansive creation. In other words, you have been accepting timelines that are physically bound to the earth plane as your platform of reality. Second, your heart chakra is now resonating at a new harmonic equal to the shifts your Mother Being has just undergone. This has changed your magnetics, allowing you to operate more in the non-physical energy bodies than ever before. Third, you have activated within you, many singular ascension codes that have resulted in a new collective intention. In other words, there are more of you than ever before that have initiated your own healing and ascension, thus affecting the collective and shifting into a new fractal reality of your divine record. This is good; for it is the impetus by which physical healing can now change! However, for those who are not as aware, the physical body may also take on more challenges. We see this becoming a major focus for you in the next two year timeframe.

Many of you, as healers, have been working in relationship to earth history to clear density and realign the structure. This has worked well in the density you perceived it in, because a singular focus on the material world was running the show. But you cannot move backwards in time unless you are either unaware of what you are creating or objectively choosing that path unknowingly through your frequency. We are also observing a high instance of physical body challenges re-emerging to be addressed again in this new timeline. Why would this happen you ask? Because you are now becoming focused in the non-physical and much of the density you created in the energy body still exists in this form. Your physical actions only consider a part of the relationship you have to full, cohesive healing because all things physical start in the non-physical energy bodies. Now back to history…

It does not matter what happened in your timelines, in this incarnation or in other. No physical situation is stagnant and no physical situation can go unchanged or unhealed. The reason for this is that timelines are vibrational or informational. So if this is the case, when you perceive, interpret and understand information from a new perspective, it must change the way in which you create reality. Remember, magnetics here are more powerful. So what does all of this mean? Let’s explain with an example.

If you have a physical disease, what you must conclude is several things. First, there is a timeline of history that you are replaying and matching through a vibrational stance. Second, that history, although in the past being earth bound, may also be cosmic in nature through your access to collective records. Third, if this disease is something resistant to physical treatment or re-emerging after a physical resolve, it is because you have ascended! And you are now ready to understand this better from a non-physical vantage point, offering information to further your growth.

Ascension is equal to the physical and nonphysical energy bodies coming together as one.  This means that your light body becomes a more active and valuable tool for healing and manifestation using non-physical information. The way that this works is through your intention and ability to stay neutral as the observer of your experience. So if you are having a physical body experience that is not pleasing to you, especially one that has arisen from the past, you are currently vibrating into a manifestation of material that is equal to information. Begin to question and become attuned to information, knowing that this is the source of all dimensional shifts.

If you have a disease that has re-emerged in the same or a different location of the body, allow yourself to travel through time back to the original experience in this incarnation. You are challenged now to observe that experience differently. What is it that you now know, that you did not understand then? And how can you move through this disease differently allowing it to clear from your body for good by using the structural tools that are now offered to you in multitude and expansion. These tools are:


You have now become more complex magnetic structural beings. What this means is that you are more powerful creators than ever before. Magnetic frequencies do not recognize imprints as good or bad. Your energetic currency, perception or attention is the catalyst for your magnetic attraction and creation. This may lead you to think that you should place all of your focus on the solution to the disease. But in focusing on the disease, you are magnetically growing consciousness and feeding into a timeline in a density that no longer needs your attention. Move your magnetics to a higher dimension by matching new timelines. This may start in your non-physical energy – seeing yourself without the disease, moving about freely and without pain and activating within you a vibrational magnetic resonance of harmony. A good practice is to imagine your lightbody springing forth as physical and watch it dance and play. Feel it in perfect health. See it running and jumping. Practice non-attachment to the result, technology or practice you must find to heal you. Focus more into the non-physical results of that which you wish to embody.


The earth harmonics are now resonating at a new speed that is complementary to structural patterning of pure health and abundance. Mother Gaia has always been your resource for this. The more that you attune the body to her rhythms, the more your rhythms will fall in line with harmony. Harmonics in the body are equal to balance in sacred geometric patterns. Experience your energy body in meditation as a counter clockwise flow of circular motion. Expand that motion into all realms of light, non-physically connecting to the geomagnetic grid lines of Mother Earth’s soul, connecting all things and resounding love. Use her resources, such as food, water and natural essences as harmonics. These are all wonderful tools to restore sacred harmony in the body.



As free will beings you have the ability to create consciousness through every thought and every emotion you have relating to thought. Choose wisely that which you connect to your physical body. Diagnosis, definitions and imprints are all the same. Fill the cups of material creation that you want to experience in your life. Start small, but think big. Patterns exist within your structure that are the precursor to creating timelines. You cannot match something until a pattern of consciousness has been created so strongly that it matches a like pattern. Consciously create patterns that you wish to experience in your life, over-riding the physical manifestations. Consciousness is equal to information. A conscious creator is best able to reorganize non-physical patterns and receive information to heal the body.

Self-compassion and Awareness

The ultimate tool for disease or health patterns you are replaying is to observe what you must change within to shift the dimension of your experience. Remember how we said that the disease has re-emerged because there was a non-physical component you have not healed? The best way to approach this is to communicate with the self, the body and with the universe. Nonverbal communication allowed by the lightbody does not have to be understood in literal terms, it is integrated. Mediate more. Feel into your being. But most important, find compassion and neutrality for the space you are in. Healing does not take place in a past or future timeline. Healing must take place in alignment with your present moment vibration. If you are in resistance of what is, blaming yourself or looking outside for the answers, you cannot allow a neutral vibration to work for you through the new magnetic timeline that is now available.


What about physical action you ask? Well of course physical action will always be necessary until you transcend into a 5th dimensional One consciousness. But physical action only can no longer work here. You must consider that physical action only works when your vibration is fully aligned, your frequency is magnetically anchored into new dimensional information and your consciousness is accepting and creating for you harmoniously.

With a collective shift and focus, we see that many have the potential to struggle with physical disease and pain because the timelines you are now healing are multi-dimensionally focused. These are cosmic wars, galactic history and events that have taken place on earth timelines of creation. It is different than where you have been previously focused in the singular experience from an earth perspective and the timelines are more dense because they have expansive historic meaning. In saying this, we conclude with an empowering notion: Nothing shows up in your collective experience without the tools and resources to resolve it and without your intentional alignment to it. You have asked for this. Not because you wanted to suffer, but because you knew that you came to heal the collective through your singular experience. It will always be this way here on the earth plane. When you are healed and in harmony, the earth begins to do the same, collective timelines of technology are revealed, and more expansion is experienced for the betterment of humanity.

As the Arcturian Collective we are in much support of you and offer our love and vibrational alignment as you enter the next phase of transition.

Manifesting the Human Experience

Reorganize Outcomes in the Quantum Field

The following is a channeled writing through Micheila Sheldan from the Domantians. What the Domatians come to teach us is the power of our collective union in relationship to free will and creation. There are many predicting doom on the planet. How we choose to observe and further create the energy of fear around these predictions through thought form and emotional frequency has a tremendous effect on our reality, increasing the potential to match these outcomes in the quantum field. The process offered here goes far beyond pure positivity. It has everything to do with our power as a collective One consciousness to over-ride the free will of those not operating in the highest intention or full awareness, as well as our ability tore-organize timeline potentials into what we wish to experience here. And it is far easier than we think. 

We are the Domatians

Domatia is a star west of the Pleiades yet considered equal to the Pleiadian star system. We call ourselves One with the earth. We are observers of your timelines through nature and we hold this connection through our consciousness. This is because we are your nature. Your nature is one with us. You see, Domatia is a network of actual protons coming together energetically though a One source consciousness of which we are a part. Your DNA is linked to various races and beings in many varieties of ways. The very earth soil upon which you walk is a consciousness and that consciousness has a beginning and an ending. We hold these experiences as truth as we were ones most closely connected to your being at a time in which the earth was formed. And we are observers of your progress, for it is our own.

Miles of space time separate your collective consciousness from our own, yet we are aware of how time interconnects us with you. As time on your planet is misunderstood, we wish to clarify the meaning of time space reality and how you operate within it. This definition is most misunderstood in relationship to time travel, future experiences and how potential timelines can be created as material existence. 

There is a field you call ‘quantum’, or existing within all things. This field, for the sake of your understanding, we will call ‘space’. There is a space by which material and non-physical or light existence comes into one understanding. This field is the space by which time can be measured, not in numbers, hour or minutes as your planet observes, but by higher order universal law. Universal law operates as a quantum or space energetic structure. All things operate under universal law regardless of their vibratory make-up or speed of vibration. So, in other words, humans operate in the quantum field in the same way that other, higher order vibrational light beings operate. Yet there is a difference in the result for many reasons. Let us start with how these higher order beings operate and use the quantum field of universal law to create real time experiences.

First, the vibrational speed of a being must match the material outcome of potential that is being achieved. This is an important statement, for it is equal to your understanding of the Universal Law of Attraction. But let us say for a moment that the magnetic field by which you are operating did not exist. Even if this universal law was not a part of your reality, the way in which you create would be equal to your experience in the quantum field. This is because what is put there remains. And what is created there anew, is available. And when you enter that space, it is not to create. The creation has already been completed. You come into the quantum field and exist there to experience or to manifest a new experience. So in order to better understand time space reality, a being must understand speed of light and match the speed of light in which it wants to experience time, time being material energy brought from the quantum field into your density and observed.

What higher order light beings have come to realize is that creation matters not. We understand this is a significant statement to make amongst many previously stated interpretations. But we say this because you cannot possibly fathom the creative force that you are, and through your thoughts and emotions, the sheer amount of potential paths of existence you are placing into the quantum field. So for the purposes of human understanding, we would say this. You are creators whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. And if you are creators in each moment, this must mean that wave pattern form holds hundreds of thousands of potentials for you, and others, in the quantum field. So, if this is the case, you can image the destruction, the joy, the sadness, the excitement that lies for you in this field. Many do realize the sheer potential that exists, yet fall victim to their vibration in response to universal law and time space reality. They are operating backwards in a sense, creating and then vibrating to match only the time space reality that is equal to their current state of affairs.

Since all potential lies in the quantum field, higher order light beings understand that this is where the potential to exist in harmony and beyond the current state of affairs can be matched. And so, as masters of their vibration, they hold themselves in neutrality, in love and in harmony so as to match the ascension and evolution of their race for the highest good. You will notice we are not using words here such as thought form and emotion. Do higher order light beings have thought form and emotion? Yes they do. But the thought form and emotional states they experience have evolved into higher dimensional existence, connecting them to information that is different than the vibrational state of the human consciousness. In addition, the collective nature of these beings makes it easier for them to experience material time in harmony with one another. This goes beyond intention, although we would say intention is a very critical energy for the human consciousness to grasp and utilize. Quite simply, higher order light beings are vibrating more alike in their energy through a love frequency. Collective realities are also materialized in time space through the quantum field, and this is where the conversation expands.

Collective realities are the basis of the universe. When one race chooses to hold a DNA connection that so mirrors the singular make-up, this is an intention so strong that it becomes a creative force field in the quantum space. Think of it this way… as a singular being you hold a vibration. If 12 beings held that same vibration, something very beautiful and unique beings to happen. The vibration becomes a more active force in the quantum field, a stronger magnet if you will. And that means universal law operates differently. When a collective thought form vibrates into the quantum field as wave form, it can transcend time (material) creation and reorganize creative thought into a new potential.  A collective being vibrating as One can take many points of creation (or timelines if you choose to call them) and reorganize them into an experience that is different than what was created or placed into the quantum field. The reason for this is that the intention of this consciousness or collective vibrating energy over-rides the free will of those in singular energy. And this is where we wish to place our emphasis on your understanding of potentials existing in the universe.

You see, a collective of 12 in wave form pattern vibrating alike has 12 times more influence and creative ability to reorganize the information in the quantum field than one. What this means is, one vibrating in fear can create a potential equal to something that can be experienced by a collective. But a collective vibrating in love can reorganize that potential experience to something other than fear very easily, neutralizing its material time space manifestation.

So the potentials matter not. And yes, there are many potentials that exist in the quantum field that are not in the highest good of the collective. But no one decision on your planet, such as the ones made in your political elections, has any bearing on what will be experienced here. It becomes the choice of the human consciousness to reorganize its collective power by intention to enter the quantum field and shift timelines. This is why we have talked so much about two separate dimensional realities existing here on the planet being a significant part of your history. We have observed that these pockets of collective consciousness already exist here. Some will manifest war, some will manifest peace. Not all humans will experience the same reality here because at this very moment, they cannot. 

What is continuing to happen that we most observe is a consistent leveling of frequencies between singular humans. This fluctuation in consciousness has wreaked havoc on your planet. This has been your singular focus. Moving into a new dimension is only possible when that group of 12 beings becomes 15, then 100, then 1,000. This is how the mathematical odds of material reality being healed swings in your favor. It has nothing to do with what those in the lower vibrational energies are creating and everything to do with the collective consciousness that matches those creative potentials in the quantum field. This is how time, experience, material existence and history are created and observed here. And we see this beginning to change. 

Our best advice to you continues to be operating within the power of your free will to choose neutrality within your current reality. Your singular experience is the basis of connection to others through your consciousness. So if you are addressing yourself and others from a love based frequency, in all aspects of your current timelines, you uphold the truth of your sovereign being. Sovereignty is misunderstood here. It is not a singular adjective applied to the self. If is your ability to be One with Source. So if you are operating from Source in all interactions with others, you are allowing your consciousness to move into a state of being in which the intention is for the good of all beings. To make it quite simple, when you operate within your truth from the highest place of love you honor all things. And that honoring of all things is the energy by which the human consciousness is reconnected to match the highest potentials in the quantum field. Those you wish to experience here.  

Also, we remind you that consciousness and energy are tools of creation. So if you continue to grow a thought form connected to a collective reality and fuel that thought form with emotion, be absolutely sure this is a potential you wish to experience here. Creation does have an important part in the universal experience, coming before material manifestation. The potentials that exist in the quantum field carry a weight associated with them. That weight can be associated with a singular experience or a collective manifestation. Collective forms of consciousness are simply more powerful and magnetic. So the more you choose to acknowledge your consciousness and energetic currency as valuable creative forces, the more you will create in relationship to harmony. And this practice becomes the basis for a new society. One that is enlightened and at peace. And so it is. 


Raising Human Consciousness with Energy Transfers

As humanity is evolving, many people are waking up to their spiritual gifts and missions on this Earth. People are able to tap into the universal energy that is accessible to everyone, but everyone uses it in a unique way. Ethann Fox, the creator of the Flower of Life Center and the Awake and Empowered Expo, always had a gift with energy, but it took years and a series of unmistakable events for him to realize his true purpose on Earth: to raise the consciousness of others through a process called an Energy Transfer. An Energy Transfer removes negative karma or dense energy from participants, while providing positive energy to take its place. In this channeling with Micheila Sheldan, it was asked which Collective facilitates the Energy Transfer process and what exactly happens during it. All information came from Jeremiah.

“Which Collective Consciousness is working behind the Energy Transfers?”

There are many who are of a collective nature that have assembled at this time to assist on a mission of providing an uplift in terms of energy and consciousness to many human beings upon your planet. The Collective working through the Energy Transfers is made up of many beings not only of an extraterrestrial nature, but who are of past human form, who have come to gather in a time in which the Earth is in need of additional energies or assistance. This energetic flow is a source of raising human consciousness and evolution. There are people who are in fact channels of this energy for various purposes in this lifetime. In the circumstance of Energy Transfers, there is a shift in awareness or consciousness that is happening in order to open minds to truths that have been shielded or hidden, that have shifted human beings away from their own truth.

“What is the source of this energy? Is it coming from this Collective of Beings, or is it coming from somewhere else?”

There is a field of energy that is accessible to all human beings on your planet at this time. It is a clear field of potential, of quantum potential, in which all human beings are able to tap into Source energy. In this time, this divine energy is in fact fueled through Collective entities and channeled through human beings in order to reach others because some may need that middle ground. In a sense, this energy is coming from the Collective, for they are gathering this divine energy and assisting others to connect to it in a way that brings them to a higher place of human consciousness and awakening.

“What exactly is happening to an individual who is receiving an Energy Transfer? What effects does it have and what are the benefits?”

They are many benefits. As humans are shifting to a lighter form of awakening, in terms of belief, they must remove many of the heavy dense energies that are holding them back. Much of this karmic energy may also have come from past relationships in other lifetimes. It may have come from battles in ancient times. It is also part of the collective. Human beings are connected to all and as one accumulates karma, it is affecting others. The energy during an Energy Transfer assists this process of removing karmic negative energy from other human beings. Many are also held back by lower vibrations that are affecting them. This could be from microwave type of rays, electronic equipment, the soil, and the water. These other factors are affecting human beings and are also in need of being released in order to allow divine energy to flow through, and this is a critical part of the Energy Transfers. Participants of an Energy Transfer are releasing all this negative weight from them which allows them to come to a place where they are have a better understanding of their surroundings, they are awakening to other human beings, and other vibrational energies, their own purpose, and are able to connect better to the divine energy. For some people these energy transfers should be a regular process in order to keep the lower vibrations out, until the planet is in a more stable place. When that happens, the others will awaken to the own power and understand the divine field of energy. They will see it clearly and be able to tap into it themselves.

“How are the Energy Transfers different from what others are doing with the planet now?”

During the Energy Transfer, there is a shift of enlightenment that is happening through consciousness. This is allowing individuals to feel a state of peace in this time. The wider goal is a shift of the life force of consciousness that is enabling human beings to awaken. The people coming to the Energy Transfers now need this wider shift of consciousness. In terms of: “I live my life here in peace. I am awakened. I see the road in front of me.” These people do similar work in their own way, who also here to assist the planet. They come to the energy transfers for this raise in consciousness that helps them step into what they are meant to do.

Transcending Change

Ascension Codes & Our Human Experience

The following is a writing from the Phoenicians channeled through Micheila Sheldan. Many of us wonder why we must suffer through karmic experiences and re-live history. For example, have you ever attracted the same type of relationship over and over again? There is a deep reason for this that is related to our internal structure, ascension codes and genetics. Relationships allow us the opportunity to transcend karma and our human experience. In this channeled writing, the Phoenicians explain ascension codes and genetic codes, how they create experiences in our lives and how our relationship to the energy of these experiences becomes the catalyst for our ascension. Finding comfort within change is the key to expanding our DNA and living a higher dimensional experience.


“We wish for you to know the meaning of your ascension codes. This must come into the conversation in order for you to understand how you, as a human consciousness, can perceive the success ahead of overcoming the lower vibrational influence on your planet. Ascension codes are a part of your structure that aligns with planetary energies to release a frequency. The frequency matches an experience and you, as a singular being, have the opportunity to transcend the experience and evolve, or not. These are energy portals. They connect both multi-dimensionally and at the soul level, relatable to your singularity as an incarnate being. But what happens if you do not ascend the code? This is what we wish to explain.

Ascension codes are the first level of triggering of the structure. We don’t wish to get too detailed here as to the structure. But we believe it’s important for you to understand how this works. When you incarnated here, your structure, being attached to a record of how all human structures work, aligned with an energetic portal. That portal is your incarnation date. In other words, the date you chose to incarnate is an energy that is very unique to your expression and it holds a mechanism to unlock your record. There is not a defined set or number of ascension codes that you have. There are many. It is decided when you accept your assignment here the number of codes you must transition and how they will align your soul to do its (work). We put work in parenthesis because it is really not work at all. It is your highest joy connected to purpose.

We often allude to the fact that there is a collective nature to these codes, as well. Within Mother Gaia, there are also codes. She is a Being, in fact, that lives and breathes and there is a component of your structure that holds a mirror to her. So when the collective is resonating with a One frequency (which you are) these codes may be triggered as well.

When a code is triggered, a physical manifestation of energy presents itself. It is often not to your liking, not because it is meant to be difficult, but because it is a unique and new timeline. You have been trained to not like change. Change is the basis for all things energetic, you see. But as humans, you prefer to be stifled and not allow change to flow you to the next experience. You perceive change as bad, so in the initial experience causing change, there is resistance. This resistance builds to create a block in the portal and this is how you do not transcend and become stuck. It’s almost as if you are in a worm hole: portal of time that is never moving forward or back, but keeps you in the same time/space reality for eternity. This block to your energy creates density and the density does not allow you to see the transition as perfect, beautiful and the next step on your path of ascension.

Those who do not transcend ascension codes re-experience the energy of them in other ways. For example, have you continued to attract the same type of relationship over and over? Perhaps you blame yourself or the others. What is happening, in fact, is that you are stuck in a time/space reality that you have not transcended and the energy is playing out over and over again. 

Ascension codes are connective to genetic codes. To make this simple, once an ascension code is transcended you are given an energetic key to unlock a blocked place within your genetic structure, or your DNA. In other words, the density is cleared so that you may perceive new information. How is this density cleared? You cannot perceive it anymore, because you transcended a timeline. You are no longer within that time/space reality and you now have the ability to perceive the timeline in a way you couldn’t before. The weight of it is not equal to the speed of energy or frequency by which you resonate. So to give you another example, you will never again attract this type of similar relationship. The reason you cannot is that you no longer match the frequency of it. It doesn’t make sense in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. 

You are always interpreting frequency through your structure in the form of ascension codes. The choice becomes yours as to how you respond and offer a new vibration. How can you do this? Finding the neutral energy within the timeline is our best advice. When you find that neutral energy, you relate to the opportunity within the experience. That is where it lies. There are no new opportunities in energetically remaining within the timeline on either end of the spectrum – higher or lower vibration. Let us take this relationship again as an example. The higher vibrational expression of that timeline may surprise you. You think that everything higher must be better. But we are speaking of speed and imprints of energy here. To us, the higher vibrational manifestation may be that you become self-righteous. You decide that you are going to leave the relationship because it is not suiting you, but you leave in a very abrupt and disconnected way. In other words, you are right. And in your right-ness, there is a frequency or vibration that you perceive as higher when really it is on the opposite spectrum of neutrality. 

The lower vibrational expression would be defeat or accepting you are wrong. In your wrong-ness, you lose your sense of self, judging your emotions and identity in a way that also creates an imprint. You see, both of these scenarios do not transcend the portal. You are still holding on to the energy in some way, re-imprinting it stronger. Because now, it has been given more speed, more weight and more meaning within your structure.

The neutral space is one where all possibilities lie. There can be no right or wrong, only love – love for one’s self and love for others. Keep in mind we are not saying that you do nothing in a neutral space.  Physical action always follows energetic frequency. You create and hold the energy that manifests into human experience. So what would a neutral scenario look like? Let us first describe what it would feel like.

The neutral space is not stressful, it cannot be held in fear. The neutral space is respectful both of the self and the other. It creates a collective energy in which all are considered. The neutral space is whole, it is not fragmented. It considers all parts of the experience. 

You may be thinking there is a record for this relationship. It must either end or continue on. We say that the record matters not. The souls within the record are only players on the stage and you are the playwright. All possibilities reside in the neutral space. When decisions are made in the neutral frequency, the souls engaged can both step onto a new timeline together or apart. They can further transcend their experience and fulfil the record. They can both find peace and happiness in that scenario apart or together. Not because they have the answer, but because they now understand the evolution of their soul lies in experience, as does others. This is a collective one energy that will serve all of your unique experiences. And so it is.”


~The Phoenicians 

Holding the Mirror to Planetary Change

How Honoring Yourself Heals the Earth

This is an excerpt from Micheila Sheldan's channeled writing. We are Source energy. But what does that mean? Our structures are one with the oceans, the animals, the earth. We want to heal all of these things. Yet, how many of us are guilty of negative self-talk when we look in the mirror? Honoring yourself has a profound effect on the consciousness of all things. We are those things, in beautiful physical form.

"Many of you believe that your structure only applies to the inner workings of your physical and energetic body. That there is a fine line between your auric field and the rest of the universe that keeps you separate. This belief is a program we wish to abolish from your structure and internal workings. As you have been created in the likeness of many and of your Mother Goddess, Earth, you hold within you connections to all of it. And this is where your belief systems have failed you. This belief that you are separate from the universe and the earth is holding you in resistance of what is the biggest and most important aspect of your existence. And you hold the capability to transcend this history you have created as a One.

The transcendence of this holds the capability to take you into fields of unknown territory. Communication with trees, plants and animals. Interaction with your cosmic families. And support from the unknown. But in addition to this, it holds a secret universal space in which all things are connected. Imagine for a moment having a bad day. And all of the sudden, the entire universe comes to support you and change your reality. This is the capability you have right now in this very moment. But your beliefs about yourself hold you in resistance of this beautiful intersection of energies through and of the self.

The structure is all things coming together in a singular energy. So if your singular energy is not focused in the highest intent, it will affect all things. This is how you have a part in your collective experience. When you are not in harmony with yourself, you are not in harmony with all things. When you look in the mirror and criticize yourself, at the cellular level you are creating patterns that affect all things. Do you see the responsibility you have to honor yourself? Honoring yourself is Source energy at its highest peak. And all things accept the vibration you offer in harmony."

-The Council of Light

The March 2016 Solar Eclipse

The Cosmic Pen to Rewrite History

The following is a writing from the Council of Light channeled through Micheila Sheldan. The Council of Light is a source energy collective of many races ascended through a 12th Dimensional reality. The purpose of the Council is to oversee and uphold the integrity of the Universal Time Grid, a web of consciousness connecting planets, star systems and galaxies through light frequency exchange. The Council has been an integral part of a channeled work coming through Micheila entitled, “Encapsulating the Human Soul as One: Lessons from the 9th Dimensional Energies in Universal Harmony"

Micheila has been receiving important information about the solar alignments to our earth, especially the upcoming solar eclipse occurring beginning March 8-9th, 2016. We are already beginning to feel and respond to this vibration and many are still integrating the opportunities to expand arising from the last eclipse in March 2015. The Council of Light gives us an explanation of how the solar energies work and translate into new opportunities for our ascension.

As your planet approaches the March eclipse, there is anticipation amongst your universal friends. We know that beyond your earth, beyond your structure and at the very cellular level, your ascension is representative of our own. And we hold the highest intentions for the reuniting with your planetary mother, Gaia. We wish for you to better understand this alignment and its purpose, as well as how your preparations and intentions can be the catalyst for the rebirth of a new dimensional consciousness and reality amongst your race.

Your DNA has been aware of this timeline unbeknownst to your conscious awareness. For millenniums of time, your planet has undergone similar transitions and your structure knows exactly what to do. It is comparable to migrating birds that sense the temperature fluctuation as a symbol of change. In this same way, your DNA and your consciousness is ready to accept the next phase of this transition, which is the impetus for your planet to renew itself and for history to be cleared. This is why you came. Many of you do not remember this exact collective assignment and the moment in which your soul agreed to accept. But you know, on some very deep level, that you came to align with this very transition and had a great purpose to fulfill… a part of its significant story in the universe.

Monogrammed Letters

Many of you are warmed and amused by clothing that is monogrammed with your name. It represents a symbol of who you are and differentiates you from others. The monogrammed clothing item is something you may show off proudly, as if to say, “look who I am and what I represent in the world”. What if we told you that everyone has the same name? And if a collective sweater were to be worn and monogrammed for the human collective, it would look identical to others – not just other humans – but the plants, the animals, the stars, the dirt and your earth home.

We equate this collective monogram to a very specific ascension code that is buried deep within your crystalline core. It is a part of your DNA which is collective in nature and it holds deep meaning to your current incarnation and the cosmic home in which you associate your mission. You see, your DNA storage bank and your crystalline structure holds many, many light codes. These codes are magnetized to unite with specific planetary alignments for a variety of unique, cosmic and earthly reasons. There are several types of ascension codes we wish to explain: those that are unique to your incarnation date and soul’s journey; those that are universal and cosmically held; and, those which are tied to your Mother Gaia home. We would relate these ascension codes to specific vibrations that are engaged through frequency, light and magnetics that cause a reaction in your structure. This reaction is tied to your DNA and history.

History Lessons

History is an important part of this story. Your race has defined history in a linear sense due to your physical density. You define history as equivalent to time and space, having a direct effect on your physical experience and lineage. But in reality, history has no space or time. History is vibration that is held in resistance to itself. All activity, all experience is vibration. And when a vibration is revisited, retaught and recycled, it become a consistent aspect of your reality defined through your perception as history.

Your attention to your collective experience and your perception of that experience creates history. Yes, history does contain actual physical manifestations of experience, but it also contains non-physical vibrations that hold meaning and cause confusion in the structure. You see, as a soul, one that incarnated for a physical experience, you have many timelines. And these timelines intersect with historic events, causing you to play them out in your reality over and over again through your own perception. Let us give you an example.

Your history teachers often speak of World War I in your elementary school classrooms. Your race believes that this event occurred in the past and this past was not a part of who you are in the school room chair. But imagine this for a moment: There is no chronological time in this earth bound reality. There is only the density to perceive chronological time. So when you learn of this war, you experience it on some energetic level. This is because the war resides within you once you perceive it. Through your intention and acceptance of this history, you now own it and it owns you. Once something becomes a concrete belief in your structure (World War I occurred on this planet) you own the vibration as a part of your role in the cosmic universe. And it becomes the impetus of the structure to play this scenario out in your unique experience to heal it and close the timeline, or in other words, create a new timeline.

You see, you are here to heal these timelines and create anew. This is what you signed up for when you came. It’s just that you became so entrenched in the physical density here that you misunderstood vibration and frequency. And, as such, you created more wars, within your own experience and within the collective experience, to heal.

Now is the time for the human consciousness to begin to break free of its history and the repetitive way in which it has been created through you. And the March 2016 eclipse is the event in which this new timeline acceptance begins.

Solar Significance

We alluded to the fact that your DNA has been preparing for this. How so? In particular, we would say there have been many unique ascension codes you have triggered that have prepared you for this journey. In addition, back in March 2015, the solar eclipse brought much of this history to the surface, under a cosmic microscope, for you to experience in your own unique timelines. You may call this karma. We call it an opportunity. And it challenged you to bring healing to the collective human history though your own experience. Many of you accepted the challenge, diving into the abyss of the unknown, feeling the fear, yet embracing the opportunity of what was to come. This is the vibrational stance that will be the catalyst for the healing within your own life and the lives of many others.

The March 2016 solar eclipse brings the human collective full circle as an earth bound ascension code is triggered, reconnecting you with the God frequency. This is a frequency that has always been held within you and given to you of and through your Mother Gaia home. But imagine now the impetus here for collaboration of the mind, body, spirit and soul! You have always been One with her and she with you. But your structure was operating singularly and not able to perceive into the fullness of multi-dimensional opportunity. And this opportunity awaits you with open arms.

Specifically we would like to explain where this alignment is taking you and what it has in store. We cannot do this without explaining the solar energies in more detail.

The earth’s sun was given to you by and through your collective intent as a One. It became for you the life blood through which you would remember your truest selves and your true history. The solar energies hold meaning. The vibrational expansion of your energy is stored here and, in its purest form, it is given back to you in full peak during direct alignments with the earth.

The Cosmic Pen

Remember the monogrammed sweater? The one by which you defined yourself as separate? This is an example of imprinted energy. Energies are imprinted through your experience and the sun accepted the highest vibrational imprinted experiences, holding them in storage for your own ascension. What about the lower vibrational imprinted energies? Your density and the aura of Mother Earth keeps them encapsulated here. So when the solar energies are at their fullest, the expansion you receive is the impetus for healing the imprints you do not wish to store in the structure to be used through your creative energy. And it re-writes your structure with highly charged ions and positively imprinted energies. This becomes the pen by which you rewrite the story. You are handed this cosmic pen every time your collective race is receiving of solar magnetized frequency.

So as you enter this very important timeline of opportunity, to make it simple, heal your history. This sounds big when, in fact, it’s very small. The physical experiences that are representative of collective history – the wars with family, friends and loved ones, the diseases of the mind – are the parts of you that are keeping history alive. It is time to take off the monogramed sweater, my friends, and accept a new imprint: Oneness and Love. Your Mother Earth is waiting for you to remember this part of yourself. And your structure is ready to accept her again. As you walk this transition with her, your history begins to change and your physical experience lifts itself to a new dimension. It is all within you.

The Council of Light.


Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult a naturopathic or medical doctor.

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