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Expo Exhibitors - November 4th - 6th, 2016


Booth Description


Bemer Partner Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy Mats sajadzmd.com/bemer
Institute of       Feng Shui & Geopathology Energetic devices to protect a home from geopathic stress and EMF's. Also selling Feng Shui tools, water & food energizing laser, personal pendants, pet protection, Electro-Smog Harmonizers for phones and electronics. instituteofFengShui.com
Mother Firefly Healings Healings facebook.com/Motherfireflyhealings
Nurtured by Mother Nature Organic aromatherapy, iridology, detoxification, eye reads, books. nurturedbymothernature.com
QuantOm Energy Healing and Empowerments beyond1111.com
Scalar4Health EMF Mitigation/Pendants scalar4health.com
The Biomat Company Amethyst biomats, professional size mat, mini mat, bio mat. thebiomatgal.com
The Oils Nurse doTERRA Essential Oils facebook.com/The-Oils-Nurse-LLC
Tranquil Souls Entergetic Hypnosis, Chakra Balancing, Spirit Level Alignment, Transformational Change, Balanced Wholeness tranquilsouls.net
Tune In With Me Psychic Readings, Crystal bowl readings, Pendulums, Chakra stones. n/a


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