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Werner Brandmaier

Werner Brandmaier
Werner Brandmaier is a gifted diviner and researcher of subtle energetic earth structures.  Born in rural Austria, Werner inherited a diverse background in healing and alternative practices. He comes from a family of herbalists and dowsers and from his early 20’s was drawn to metaphysics, yoga and Eastern spirituality. Werner also holds an engineering degree and more than 10 years experience in the high tech medical field. Bridging both the Eastern and Western world philosophies became his passion and life purpose. 
In 1999 Werner moved from Austria to the US with the intent to share European research about geopathic stress. Werner began to expand his private practice of traditional Feng Shui with the goal to increase awareness for environmental influences on our health, especially with long term chronic issues and cancer. He is the Founder of the institute of Feng Shui & Geopathology in Portland, Maine. He also develops energetic tools which harmonize homes and businesses and protect people’s personal energy fields. Werner offers personal consultations and teaches seminars and workshops in Europe and all over the United States.

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