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Ken Chorley

Ken Chorley’s life is focused around integrating intelligent conscious living into communities around the world. His vision carries projects beyond the old paradigm into futuristic models to blend with current systems and carry them forward into an emerging new template for humanity.

Ken’s work assists others to access their true human potential, critical to us moving forward with wisdom as a productive and compassionate Global culture.

Ken recognizes humility as an essential key to self-actualization and self-empowerment for the betterment of all. He teaches that we are living in a critical time on planet Earth, where it is up to us to determine our own future. His life is committed to developing new programs that encompass a planetary vision for all of humanity.

As co-founder of Global Leaders for Change, he lives, practices and teaches that as we support the individual in accessing heightened states of awareness and expression of natural talents and abilities, we shift the entire human paradigm into homo novus, the “new human.” Ken finds regeneration through merging with nature and the elements around us and is dedicated to healthy lifestyle and personal inner growth.

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