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Avilone Bailey

At the age of 6, Avilone could see energy fields.  At the age of 7, she was using her inner vision and at age 8, she was in communication with her Inner Guidance which revealed to her a career in nursing.  During her 25 years as a nurse, she also pursued her metaphysical path that included psychometry, past life regression, rebirthing, channeling, meditation, auras and more.  She was particularly drawn to energy healing and has become adept at perceiving and working with  energy fields.  Her expertise has brought her to the founding of a newly developed no-touch Emotional Relief Catalyst energy healing modality.  Avilone works with the healing energies of Love, including those of a Dolphin Collective, a gift that unfolded in 2012.  Since then, she has helped many people experience freedom from emotions that interfere with living healthier and more fulfilling life.


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