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Anyaa Lightheart

Anyaa Lightheart

Anyaa serves as the Conscious Youth Coordinator. She has always had a deep connection to angels and Beings of Light. At a very young age she became aware of her gifts and began to understand that the pains she was feeling in her body were not her own, but belonged to the people around her. By understanding her own nature as an energy sensitive being, Anyaa opened her heart to help others find the healing they need.

As an empathic clairvoyant medium and Reiki Teacher/Master, she uses her gifts to relay loving messages and healing to others. She provides loving, spiritual guidance that focuses on the highest good for all.

“I have known for a while that part of my mission here on Earth is to help other lightworkers and to guide the gifted children that are arriving. It is so important to me that they have the tools, community, love, and space to Be and Become… that they are able to share experiences and grow together and give and receive the much needed support as this beautiful place we call home evolves.”

Anyaa graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Product Design Engineering Technology and is currently working as an engineer in the auto industry. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with her two fur-kids.

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