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Akahi Ricardo


Ricardo is the world authority on Pranic Nourishment and Breatharianism with 9 years of personal experience in the field, 20+ countries around the world.

Ricardo: “Since 2003, when I felt the calling to free myself from the routine of society and family and decide to embark to South America on my journey of spiritual awakening and evolution of the consciousness, I had the privilege to stay for longer time visiting and living on different energetic vortexes and sacred places like Machu Pichu in Peru, Lake Titi Kaka islands and Tiahuanaco in Bolivia while meeting different teachers and shamans to learn and practice different spiritual paths.

I became connected with nature’s elements and energies and learned the preparation of medicinal plants as well to guide the powerful ceremonies of the Sweat Lodge, Ayahuasca, and San Pedro cactus. In 2007 while teaching art to kids and leading shamanic healing ceremonies in a very special town in Bolivia that I came to know about the 21 Day Pranic Process that includes fasting and people nourishing on natures energy or Prana, after meditating and reasoning, it became so obvious to me that we as humans can absorb natures energy and use it as food and that was my next step in my evolution, after six months of dedicated preparation, decided to undergo the process to purify my energy systems as well to experience in my own self and learn how to absorb energy to nourish my spirit and body, after three years of personal development channeling Prana energy, I began to teach and the  interest from people grow and guided me to create the Pranic nourishment techniques into the now world famous 8 Day Process© that is the alchemy of all the Pranic processes available on planet earth.”

Website: ricardoakahi.com 

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